Criticised during the game against Italy, Romelu Lukaku hit back to those questioning his ability with a very nice double against Ireland a few days later.

The Everton striker, who entered the tournament off the back of an impressive goalscoring campaign, has been the undisputed number one striker for his country, and will probably continue to be so for the remainder of Belgium’s campaign.

Also part of the squad happens to be his younger brother, a left-back, with the two as close as brothers can get, shown by their celebrations together after his first goal against the Irish.

This show of brotherly love, as well as Romelu dedicating his goals to her after the game, was too much for Adolphine Bolingoli, the players’ mother, who gave an interview to DH in Belgium about what this meant to her.

She said: “When my sons hugged, after Romelu’s goal, I cried. I cried a lot. When you see your children like that at the Euros, it melts your heart, especially after the critics aimed at Romelu after the Italy game.

“They affected me a lot. I suffered last week. Since he’s played football, I’ve never felt so bad. Has everyone forgotten he qualified his country for a World Cup for the first time in 12 years with his goal against Croatia? I know criticism is part of football, but there’s a limit.”

Ms Bolingoli, currently watching the tournament from home, told the Belgium newspaper she would travel to see her sons at the Euros, but only if they reached the final.

If that isn’t an incentive for the Lukaku brothers, we don’t know what is.