We’ve lost count on how many stories we’ve covered about Richarlison using his success as a footballer to help people in need in Brazil.

The Everton star has many times been praised for his acts of social assistance, and once again, he’s making the headlines in his country today.

Brazil are one of the countries with most Covid related deaths so far, as the latest numbers show over 207,000 lives lost to the disease. And things continue to get worse in specific cities, which is the case of Manaus, capital of the largest state in the country, who are running out of oxygen cylinders.

With people from entire wings of hospitals dying due to the lack of oxygen, and a useless government who won’t sort the issue, artists started a campaign to donate cylinders to the city. And Richarlison was one of them.

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On his Twitter, the Everton player first made an urge for the people from Manaus to get help, just like many clubs and institutions in Brazil.

Then comedian Whindersson Nunes revealed that Richarlison donated 10 oxygen cylinders. He put his name on the list and even added ‘player’ to it, as if he wasn’t known enough in the country.

Richarlison is also an ambassador to raise funds for Universidade de São Paulo’s studies about the virus.

Brazil currently have a moving average of 952 deaths per day caused by the Coronavirus.