This week has seen the reemergence of claims Everton are interested in Moise Kean.

Wednesday’s edition of Tuttosport suggested there’d been an offer from Goodison Park, but didn’t say it explicitly. On Thursday, Corriere dello Sport just spat it out and claimed Everton have offered €30m for the Juventus player.

Of course, there are other possible destinations should he decide to leave Turin, despite it mainly being the Toffees and Ajax linked now.

PassioneInter, an Inter Milan website, have managed to speak to the player’s father Bjorou Jean.

There’s a reasonable chance the interview was conducted before the latest Everton claims, because the Premier League club don’t get a mention.

A potential transfer, however, does.

As a child, Kean was an Inter fan, and it appears his dad likes the club too. When asked if a transfer there would be welcomed, he made it very clear it would: “It depends on your agent dealing with these things. Having grown up with Oba Oba’s (Obafemi Martins, formerly of Inter) jersey, however, Inter is his home: he chose it as a child, growing up as a true Nerazzurri fan, he certainly would like to go there. 

“Then it depends on the offers that arrive. If Inter offer more than he takes now, he will go for me. When he played at Torino he always said to me: ‘After here take me to Inter’.

“Abroad? I read it in the newspapers but I have not yet spoken to Raiola: before making these decisions he will contact me, since despite being of age he still has roots here. I will advise him to go to Inter so he will be even closer to me, instead of going to the Netherlands.”

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There’s no suggestion Inter are planning to make an offer, and a move there from Juventus wouldn’t be without controversy. Kean already receives harsh treatment from the Italian media, and if he had the Juve support against him it wouldn’t get any better.

On the Everton target’s potential, the father said: “I know my son’s abilities. I think that to date he has given 50% of what his real potential is. As a father I have always said: I wait for the Ballon d’Or from him. 

“He’s growing, but he can do it in 3-4 years. Let’s not forget that even at not yet 20 years old he plays for Juventus and has already made his debut, scoring two goals, in the national team. He was born for this and to make his family happy.”

On recent controversies with the U21, which saw Kean being dropped after arriving late for a meeting, Bjorou Jean made it clear he backs the punishment: “When boys are growing it is not easy: they are agitated and sometimes they have behaviours that are not going well. I don’t want to justify it though: he must behave like the others.

“Personally I supported Di Biagio (the manager): by doing so he showed the boy that if he does it again there are consequences. The coach did well. I hope that next year he can also grow from this point of view.”