Swiss billionaire Hansjörg Wyss is willing to buy Chelsea from Roman Abramovich and has backing from American investors to do so.

That’s according to Blick, who provide new details on the potential takeover at Stamford Bridge after Roman Abramovich put the Blues up for sale.

The Russian oligarch recently moved to hand control of the club over to the Chelsea Trustees, sparking suggestions that he could look to sell up amid the ongoing sanctions against Russians following the invasion of Ukraine.

It has since been confirmed he is looking to sell, and Wyss threw the cat among the pigeons earlier today by revealing to Blick that he had received an offer and was keen.

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They now follow up on that and say the Swiss billionaire is being backed up by a ‘consortium from America’ currently ‘consisting of three businessman’.

They are ‘looking into‘ a takeover of the Champions League winners, but there is one ‘point of contention’ at this moment in time, Abramovich’s asking price.

He wants around £2billion for Chelsea, which translates to around 2.4 billion Swiss francs, but the exact details ‘have not yet been clarified’.

Further ‘negotiations’ are set to take place in ‘the next few days’, but one thing has been made clear if Abramovich is to sell, he has to do so quickly.

That’s because he is a close advisor and friend of Vladimir Putin, which means he is likely to see his assets frozen sooner rather than later, particularly with the UK government under pressure to impose more sanctions. This would make it difficult to sell Chelsea.

Wyss is aware of this but can only afford a takeover if he has people behind him. He is currently trying ‘get more people on board’ with the three Americans he currently has.

According to Blick’s information, a takeover is only possible if he can get ‘six to seven investors’ on board, and it remains to be seen if he can do so.

Time is of the essence, though, and the interest is there, particularly with Abramovich now seemingly keen to sell.