German newspaper Bild like reporting about Jurgen Klopp interest in Bundesliga players, they’ve been doing it since before he got the Anfield job. To be fair to Bild they were ahead of most on Klopp’s appointment, and then also on the recruiting the manager did from the Bundesliga.

But there’s one story which hasn’t come to fruition yet, and that’s Mahmoud Dahoud. The Borussia Monchengladbach midfielder is repeatedly linked with to the Premier League, and his good performance against Manchester City this week was always going to encourage that even more.

So Bild have obliged. In an article based around quotes from Ilkay Gundogan, who says Dahoud will be in the national team soon, it’s claimed Liverpool have €30m ready for Dahoud.

Important note: The Google Translate of the Bild article says Liverpool have offered €30m, this is an incorrect translation, but still doing the social media rounds. The claim is that they can offer that, it’s available.

This is nothing new. Bild said the very same thing last week.

The Liverpool claims go back to the summer when SportBild said ‘Klopp is ready to put €30m on the table to take Dahoud to Liverpool, and Juventus are also interested.’

That was framed around an alleged €10m release clause that is applicable in Dahoud’s contract next summer, there’s some confusion over the legitimacy of that.

Basically, none of this has changed. It’s €30m repeatedly and Liverpool and Juventus are repeatedly the linked clubs.