Seeing as he managed to get the best out of him throughout the World Cup, many members of the media are keen to find out what Didier Deschamps did to Paul Pogba over the summer, just to understand why things aren’t going well with José Mourinho at Manchester United.

The midfielder didn’t manage to bring his international form back to his club, and is once again facing a lot of criticism, perhaps unfairly, when a lot of his teammates are also underperforming.

Gazzetta dello Sport are the latest to discuss the France international with his national team manager, and asked if he could possibly win the Ballon d’Or this year despite his ‘difficulties’ with Manchester United.

He said: “The whole team is in difficulty. Pogba is always the same and is part of the best midfielders in the world. As for the relationship between players and managers, I won’t talk about that.”

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At this point, like any good Italian newspaper would, they enquire about the possibility of the 25-year-old returning to Juventus, stating many fans dream of it happening.

Deschamps laughed, and said: “Dreams are a part of life. Maybe Juventus fans didn’t dream of Ronaldo, and here he is. Sometimes, dreams come true. However, compared to a few years back, it would cost they a whole lot more to buy Pogba”.

Purchased in the pre-Neymar era, the French midfielder would likely cost somewhere around £200m these days, which would be around double what Manchester United paid for him in the first place.

There are few clubs capable of affording that these days, and despite his struggles, a vast majority of the Old Trafford faithful would still like to see him succeed at their club rather than anywhere else.