With the Brazilian media also giving big coverage to the takeover at Newcastle United, they, of course, had to listen to someone who’s known the club for a long time.

So Globo Esporte features an interview with former Magpies forward Mirandinha, the first Brazilian to play in the Premier League, to talk about the future.

The 62-year-old, who manages non league side Rio Negro, shared his happiness about the purchase, claiming Newcastle fans can finally dream of winning big things again.

“I think this sale is a dream come true for Newcastle fans,” Mirandinha told Globo Esporte.

“And and I include myself with those fans because I like the club and I have many friendships there, with players, officials and fans who always come to me asking for an autograph or something like that.

“With the arrival of the Arab who is acquiring the club, it will be very important. Now Newcastle will fight for titles. I believe that from now on the club’s fans will feel supported and with the prospect of fighting for big things in football.”

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Mirandinha also recalled his years at Newcastle United, showing how proud he still is to have been the first Brazilian playing in England, and remembering some of his best moments at the club.

“Well, I know Newcastle well. A millionaire from England who bought the club in 1988. In that opportunity, began the transformation of the club which was a small club. The team grew and built a stadium, moved from downtown Newcastle to an area outside the city with a wonderful training centre. After all that, he turned the club over to Mike Ashley who’s the current president. Newcastle fans have had a lot of hardships all these years, because the team is often struggling against relegation, they don’t reach the finals and this brought a lot of wear and tear.

“My best moments at the club were the three seasons I spent there, I scored many goals for the club. The important goals I scored were against Liverpool, in Liverpool, on Christmas Day, it was my goal from a penalty in the 47th minute of the second half. Another important goal was when I scored two goals against Manchester United, when we faced them at Old Trafford. And the way I was received by the people of Newcastle, it was a joyful moment. My daughter was born in Newcastle in 1987, so all of this represents a lot and is very valuable for my whole life.

“I’m the first Brazilian to play in the Premier League. That means a lot to me, I will be marked for life. English football gave me the opportunity to break a taboo that Brazilians didn’t play in the Premier League, only Argentines played. I played great games for Newcastle, and I broke this thing that Brazilians didn’t play in England. Today there’s a large legion of Brazilians who play in the Premier League and this is gratifying.”

Mirandinha was the first of five Brazilians who played for Newcastle United, followed by Fumaça in 1999, Caçapa in 2007, Kenedy in 2018 and now Joelinton since 2019. Now with more money at St. James’ Park, perhaps some new South American stars will soon have the chance to be included in that list.