Since Joelinton joined Newcastle United this summer, he’s probably the Brazilian who’s spoken most with his home country’s media.

We’ve covered several of his interviews in the past couple of months, and there’s one more today, the forward speaking to Globo Esporte this time.

With Newcastle preparing to face Liverpool, it was time to speak a little about the comparisons between him and Roberto Firmino. Both players left Brazil at a young age to join Hoffeinheim, and then made their way to the Premier League.

Joelinton talked about their friendship, and explained they’re different in playing style.

“When I came to England, Firmino sent me a message wishing me good luck,” Joelinton told Globo Esporte. “He said if I needed anything, I just had to talk to him. When I score or play well, he congratulates me. Sometimes I comment on a picture of him on Instagram. He’s a great player, is having wonderful form and it’s no wonder he’s been in the national team for a few years.

“We have different characteristics, although Firmino plays with the number nine shirt at Liverpool. He acts even more like a 10, opening space for other players.”

On Saturday’s game against Liverpool, Joelinton said: “The expectation is high, not only for facing Firmino for the first time, but for playing against Liverpool. It will be a very difficult game at their house. They are the current Champions League winners, one of the strongest teams in the world today.”

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Globo Esporte also managed to speak to Firmino about the relationship and similar career paths.

“We have already talked about this, because we are linked to the same representatives and know each other in this way. I hope he also succeeds in England and continues to evolve in his career.

“It’s always good to be able to face Brazilian players here in Europe. It’s nice to see so many being successful. Joelinton is one of them. Like me, he left Brazil early and went to Hoffenheim. And now he’s here playing the Premier League. For his style of play, he has everything to make it work. But don’t come and have fun on Saturday(laughs).”