Federico Chiesa is living through a tricky time at Juventus, as his contract with the club expires in 2025 and a renewal is still being negotiated.

This situation has resulted in links with some other clubs, with Aston Villa being pointed out as a potential destination for him for a while.

It turns out that as Gazzetta Dello Sport journalist Stefano Agresti today spoke to Radio Radio, outlet TuttoJuve today features some of his quotes on Chiesa’s future.

According to the pundit, Aston Villa are not seen as a real possibility for the winger, as he feels he should be playing at a bigger club and may end up staying at Juventus.

“Then it is clear that perhaps something would change if an offer arrived from an English club rather than Roma, but Chiesa is very ambitious. Last year there was interest from Aston Villa, who will most likely go to the Champions League because they are fourth in the Premier League. He felt Aston Villa was not enough of a club to convince him to leave Juve,” said Agresti.

“He sees himself at a big club, he’s also rightly ambitious, it’s legitimate that he is, but this means that he doesn’t see himself at Aston Villa, I don’t know if he sees himself at Roma.”

This isn’t the first time that Chiesa’s rejection to Aston Villa gets reported. Back in March, the Italian media had already claimed that he had ‘declined advances’ from Unai Emery’s side to sign him.

The links with Premier League clubs continue, though, and Juventus are apparently under big pressure to place a good contract on the table. The situation is in the player’s hands, as he could move for free next year.

Given Aston Villa will almost certainly be in the Champions League next season, maybe Chiesa is being a little ignorant about the Birmingham club.