It’s really hard to work out what’s going on with Moussa Dembele at Celtic.

Left out of the last Champions League qualifier due to a thigh injury, the 21-year-old was the subject of talks between Brendan Rodgers’ side and Marseille a week or so ago, with claims a £20m offer would be enough to see him leave Celtic Park.

Since then, RMC Sport in France claimed that were he to leave Celtic, Dembele would prefer a move to either England or Germany, and wouldn’t be all that interested in a return to France, a country he left in 2012 to join Fulham.

However, TF1 in France, via their journalist Julien Maynard, seem to think otherwise, explaining the Celtic star has yet to make a decision on his future, but isn’t against the idea of playing in Ligue 1 next season.

As we explained earlier this month, the French TV station appear to have formed an interesting relationship with the 21-year-old striker and his entourage, always providing updates, with the young forward being a subject of more than one mini-documentary, giving them a tour of his new house and so on.

Even if Dembele is said to be out until September, players have passed medicals with injuries before, especially if they’re not recurring ones, meaning a transfer is still possible before the end of the transfer window.

We’ll have to wait and see if anyone does come forward for him, but if he isn’t against playing in France again, and with Marseille needing another striker to help Valère Germain, this could be one of the stories to look out for in August.

TF1 taking steps to talk up a France return is a potential headache for Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers, especially after other French sources calmed the idea.