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Dundee director John Nelms has revealed he spoke to influential people in football with regards to the SPL club building a new training complex. Yesterday it was announced Dundee planned to build a £17m regional performance centre for sport.

Speaking to the Dundee Evening Telegraph, Nelms said he did approach people with vast experience in football, including former Manchester United boss Alex Ferguson.

Nelms spoke to Ferguson with regards to what was the most important aspects with a training complex, and how they should differ from other clubs.

The Dundee Evening Telegraph confirmed Nelms also spoke to ex Everton manager Roberto Martinez to get his thoughts.

“I’ve spoken to people very influential and well thought of in football, the likes of Alex Ferguson. When he was here we talked about our training facility. What things he thought were important to have and what things he would have done differently,” said the Dundee director.

Dundee are building for the future with their plans to build a new training complex, and on the field there are expectations for next season.

Under manager Paul Hartley key players have flourish in the past 12 months, including Greg Stewart and Kane Hemmings.