Earlier today, we covered a piece from Italian newspaper Corriere Dello Sport which said Manchester United loanee Andreas Pereira could have a new chance at Lazio.

It was claimed that the midfielder’s season was harmed by Simone Inzaghi’s tactical scheme and things could be different for him under new manager Maurizio Sarri.

Now it looks like Lazio are already working to take the player back, because according to a report from Corriere Della Serra, the Serie A side have taken ‘important steps’ in the last hours.

It’s said club director Igli Tare is in ‘constant contact’ with Manchester United as they try to get a fair deal for a new loan.

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Pereira’s last spell included a buying option of €27m, and Lazio now want a smaller price in case they decide to sign him up. Still, the Red Devils want to keep that, since they believe his technical qualities could ‘finally explode’.

Maurizio Sarri, who’s been talking about the club’s signings, reportedly ‘seemed satisfied’ when he heard that the club could keep Pereira. The player is also said to be comfortable in Rome, so it’s all a matter of finding a deal with Manchester United.