Fulham’s alleged interest in Maxime Poundjé is something we’ve been covering for quite some time, with various reasons being reported as to why the transfer never went through last summer.

First, we got Bordeaux’s president claiming it was because the left-back loved the club and the town too much.

Then, Sud-Ouest, the local newspaper, stated it was due to the fact Poundjé wasn’t entirely satisfied with the financial aspect of his deal at Fulham, despite the two clubs agreeing on a fee.

Well, now we get to hear from the player himself, who gave an interview on Friday to the aforementioned media outlet, and he took some time to clear the air.

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He said: “Apparently, I had an offer from Fulham. There were rumours they were interested, but I never felt it as something solid. The way it happened, I didn’t find that great.

“Things aren’t always as they’re told… In football, there’s a lot of fake news. You get told it would be good for you, get more time… Fulham is a very good club for whom I have a lot of respect, but this story isn’t what people put it out to be, and leaving for the sake of it didn’t interest me”.

Well, there you have it, we’re glad that’s sorted.

Now, we just need to hope that Diego Contento does the same regarding his supposed strange interaction with the Cottagers involving a refusal to play reserve football in order for him to be scouted.