Since Anderson Talisca started being linked to Wolverhampton, there were many reported reasons why the transfer wasn’t done. But even after a long saga, there are still new excuses showing up.

This time, Jornal de Notícias claims that one of the reasons why Talisca hasn’t signed for the Wolves yet is because he feels unenthusiastic about the move.

The midfielder reportedly doesn’t feel seduced by the possibility of playing in the Championship and is resisting the transfer.

We’ve been reading lots of Talisca articles everyday, but this is really the first time we see these claims. The other newspapers usually say that a move to the Championship isn’t a problem for the player, so this is really something new, although it course sounds a plausible situation.

However, Jornal de Notícias still say that the lack of a work visa is the main reason why the transfer hasn’t been sorted yet. Excited or not, Talisca will never play in England if he doesn’t get this permit.