Since there wasn’t a specific person to be blamed for Brazil’s defeat to Croatia in the World Cup quarter-finals, Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson was one of those who were targeted by criticism from fans and media in the South American country.

The Reds star may not have made any huge mistake, but there was a general feeling that he could have done better, both for Bruno Petkovic’s goal as in the penalty shoot-out, as he couldn’t save a single shot.

So as Globo Esporte had the chance to speak to former Brazil goalkeeper Julio César, they asked him about the Liverpool goalkeeper’s performance. The ex-Inter Milan player came out in Alisson’s defence, claiming he actually had good performances at the World Cup.

“I think that, as a whole, Alisson had a nice World Cup, in the first two games he wasn’t tested much, there were almost no shots on goal, in the third game Ederson came in, and against Korea he had a great game. The saves against Korea only showed why he was wearing the number one shirt for the national team, why he is Tite’s number one. No one had any doubts as to why he was starting,”
Julio Cesar told Globo Esporte.

“Against Croatia, he had few participations during the game, a single shot on goal, a deflected ball and Alisson was unable to save. I think because he’s out of the game, that’s bad for a goalkeeper. Obviously, in all defeats there will be criticism, Alisson was once considered the best goalkeeper in the world, today he is top-three without a doubt.

“When things don’t turn out positively, criticism happens. Every time you show how good you are, the charge only increases. Unfortunately on penalties he didn’t succeed, it’s the details that decide, the Croatians were more effective than us.”

Alisson came out of the World Cup with two goals conceded and two clean sheets in four games.

Brazil had a decent defensive system for most of the tournament, with the Liverpool goalkeeper not being much needed. In the main plays which decided the national team’s fate in the tournament, however, he wasn’t able to do much.