The South American reaction to Nicolás Otamendi’s aggression towards Raphinha in the match between Argentina and Brazil is far from over, as the local media is still full of headlines about the incident.

The latest news on the case is that the CBF will now ask FIFA to give the defender a suspension following the incident with the Leeds United winger.

Otamendi was clearly seen striking Raphinha’s face with his elbow, although the referee and VAR chose not to punish the play, even though blood was coming from the Leeds star’s mouth.

Now the Brazilian FA confirms that they’ll be in touch with FIFA and try to get the Benfica player judged.

“Images are clear. Based on the images, we will ask the FIFA committee to punish the player for this cowardly play. This cannot go unpunished,” said CBF president Ednaldo Rodrigues (via Globo Esporte).

“We will send a representation to both bodies asking that the referee does not act in any role, neither as a central referee nor stay with the VAR in a match of Brazil. He totally got it wrong.”

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Meanwhile, Conmebol already admitted that both the referee and VAR made a mistake. The entity released the audio where the assistant called it a ‘free-kick for a yellow’, as he did ‘not consider it a red card’, while the main referee didn’t even choose to review the play.

Conmebol then decided to suspend the duo “indefinitely from the exercise of their functions”.

They acknowledged that there was “violent conduct of player n°19 Nicolás Hernán Gonzalo Otamendi, against an opponent, putting his physical integrity at risk with the use of his arm over his face.”