James Rodriguez’s live streams playing video games have provided a handful of stories for the Colombian media to cover.

This week, when speaking to fans, the Everton star said a couple of interesting things about his career, including that ‘no one wants him’ at Real Madrid anymore.

Now there’s some controversy which is actually coming from Mexico, where an ESPN journalist had a bitter joke about the player which didn’t go down very well.

Jose del Valle posted on Twitter a photoshopped picture which shows James Rodriguez playing FIFA in a match where he sits on Real Madrid’s bench, managed by Zinedine Zidane.

“I want to congratulate James Rodríguez for his objectivity… playing FIFA he puts himself in the place he should occupy,” Del Valle wrote.

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The tweet got an angry reaction in Mexico, and obviously in Colombia, where outlets such as Semana now point out how unnecessary the comment was.

Fans have been calling Jose del Valle a ‘coward’ among many other insults. He hasn’t replied to any of them, and didn’t make any other comments on the Everton star since then.