The longer AS Roma and Arsenal are in a stalemate for Granit Xhaka, the more chance the deal has of falling through.

For those who are oblivious to one of the more boring games of chicken witnessed in the transfer market, the Italians want the Switzerland international, but aren’t willing to match the Gunners demands of around €20m.

So far, only an offer of €15m has been made, which Il Tempo describe as having been ‘returned to sender’.

Since then, talks have been ‘interrupted’, as Arsenal aren’t interested in lowering their demands while AS Roma don’t want to pay more.

In the meantime, Xhaka has impressed for his country at the Euros, and there is now a fear this delay could lead to ‘mockery’, as a bigger club comes swooping in for him and pays the asking price.

Behind the scenes, it’s stated that José Mourinho, the main reason why the Serie A club are after the Arsenal midfielder in the first place, ‘wants to work as soon as possible with the key elements of his Roma’, and is therefore pushing for the deal to get done as soon as possible.

That includes Xhaka, which is why Il Tempo are urging their local club to stop being proud and get the deal done.