It’s been a while since Manchester City midfielder Fernandinho started being linked with Atletico Mineiro.

The interest dates back to the start of the year, when his contract with the Premier League club was about to expire, although he ended up renewing his deal and staying at Pep Guardiola’s side.

Now as reported by journalist Jorge Nicola, the Galo once again got interested in signing the 36-year-old, but are unlikely to do it at this time.

It’s reported that a group of businessman who inject money on Atletico Mineiro recently made a trip to Manchester to get to know how clubs with owners work, as that’s not something common in Brazil.

When at City, the four officials had a word with Fernandinho and talked about the possibility. However, they were told that the player is staying until the end of the season, when his contract with the club expires.

Atlético Mineiro are actually working to have a new defensive midfielder in January, currently negotiating for Internacional’s Edenilson.

So with Fernandinho willing to stay in England at least until the middle of the year, he’s now ended up ‘staying behind’ as an option.