It’s fair to say that Kevin Wimmer hasn’t had the start to his Tottenham Hotspur career that he would have wished for. With Toby Alderweireld and Jan Vertonghen the unquestionable first choice for Mauricio Pochettino, it makes it difficult for Wimmer.

Even after the two holders, Wimmer has regularly found himself even further down the Tottenham list, and is no stranger to being out of the squad entirely. Recent internationals with Austria have also been problematic, and it’s no suprirse the 24 year old is repeatedly linked with a Spurs exit.

A return to FC Koln has been rumoured and the club’s sporting director Jörg Schmadtke has been speaking to Kicker.

The German magazine asked Schmadtke if Koln have concrete interest in Wimmer, to which he rather sarcastically said: “That’s what I read.”

Pressing further, Kicker asked if the reports are right, and got this reply: “Kevin was here, the situation at Spurs is not so great for him. But it is not that Tottenham had prevented anything. We did not start an official request to Tottenham that we wanted the player. The story, as I have read it, is not correct in its entirety. If he had wanted to change, we would certainly have talked about it.”

That very much makes it sound like Wimmer has decided to fight for his Tottenham future. Kicker put that to Schmadtke, who replied: “The reason was that there was no request from us to Tottenham.”

The prickly sporting director then revealed he’d spoken to Wimmer: “Yes, he was visiting us. So we are talking to him, of course, because he is a former player of FC Koln. We talk with former players about their situation because we are tracking them. Then you ask: How do you feel, what perspective do you have, what thoughts do you have? From this the journalists make a simultaneous contract talk. This was a friendly conversation in which we listened. It wasn’t more.”

Kicker then pressed on whether Koln decided not to make an offer to Tottenham because of the talks with Wimmer, and Schmadtke said: “It’s getting complicated. Maybe it’s the jet lag. To make sure I’m not saying anything wrong, again: we have not asked. End of.”

It sounds very much like Koln spoke to Wimmer and he wasn’t very keen on returning.