It’s clear that Porto are struggling to find a deal for Rangers star Alfredo Morelos, and the Portuguese media brings another update on the situation today.

Newspaper Jornal de Notícias features a piece saying the Glasgow side are currently demanding €15m for the transfer, and ‘don’t seem to be willing to give in’.

This is said to be the ‘minimum amount’ for Steven Gerrard’s side to start negotiating, and the Dragons don’t seem to be getting close to that, as reports from Scotland said they had an offer of €12m turned down.

Jornal de Notícias highlights the fact that Morelos would like to move to Porto and play in the Champions League next season, so the Portuguese club are using this argument as a card up their sleeve.

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The Dragons are now said to be playing a ‘patience game’, as according to Jornal de Notícias, a deal with Rangers is still far from being reached.

Still, the newspaper believes that since the Copa America finishes on Saturday, that should ‘accelerate the process’.

Alfredo Morelos reached the semi-finals with Colombia, and after losing to Argentina, they now fight for the third place in a match against Peru.