With Girona suddenly fighting for the La Liga title, most people immediately related their good season to their partnership with Manchester City.

The Spanish club got taken over by the City Group back in 2017, and after a few years of investments, they’ve now been able to show some actual results by competing head to head with the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético Madrid.

As Portuguese outlet Radio Renascença today features a story on Girona’s great season, they get to see their fans denying that the ties with Manchester City are what brought them to this level.

They spoke to Pipe Sierra, leader of their fans’ group, who claimed that “this club isn’t doped” by the City Group.

“They haven’t spent millions and created a great team, because La Liga has to approve budgets. That’s why I say: City have provided stability, they’ve helped with signings, but the credit goes to the board.”

Meanwhile, journalist Albert Diez also claimed that Girona have nothing to do with Manchester City.

“They’re totally independent clubs. Obviously there’s good communication, but they operate autonomously.”

Renascença doesn’t really agree with that, pointing out the many players who’ve belonged to the City Group in the past few years and had short spells at Girona.

One of them is Savinho, who actually belongs to Troyes, and after this great season in Spain, is now heading to Manchester City.