Nottingham Forest can no longer be obligated to buy Gonzalo Montiel from Sevilla this summer, with it not possible for him to reach the number of games required for the clause to be activated.

That’s according to Estadio Deportivo, who say the Spanish club’s ‘million-dollar loss’ is now official after the latest set of fixtures.

They explain that Sevilla had thought they’d secured a guaranteed income for next summer in Montiel, as his loan deal with Nottingham Forest included an obligation to buy if he played a certain number of games.

Nottingham Forest would have been obligated to buy the defender for €11m if Montiel had played in 50% of their games this season but that is no longer a possibility.

A combination of injuries and not being a part of either Steve Cooper or Nuno Espirito Santo’s plans have limited his gametime this season.

Montiel needs eight more appearances for the clause to be activated but Nottingham Forest only have seven games left as they’re out of the cup competitions.

Thus, the obligation disappears, and it now remains to be seen if Nottingham Forest wants to negotiate for him or simply allow him to return to Sevilla.

Either way, Sevilla are disappointed as they know they won’t be getting their €11m and seem to believe that any negotiation for him would be for a figure lower than that, which is a ‘hard blow’ all round for a team who are facing a summer full of financial difficulties.