LDU are back to mentioning Luton Town as one of the contenders for the signing of Oscar Zambrano.

Back in the summer window, we had already seen them claiming that the English side, as well as Ajax, were after the young midfielder.

Now South American outlet Olé today brings quotes from club director Esteban Paz, who has been speaking about the 19-year-old’s future.

The LDU chief revealed that Luton Town are still among the possibilities on the table, although he didn’t want to give out many details on how the negotiations have been going.

“There are two or three at the most that are possibilities. Luton Town have returned to the table for Oscar Zambrano, but they have not confirmed anything. I don’t want to go into this commentary either because I don’t want to talk more about it,” said Paz.

“Oscar is playing in finals, I don’t want to take him out of this difficult moment of being 19 years old and thinking about having proposals from outside and they don’t materialise. He knows that everything that happens in Liga we tell him and he knows it. Let’s hope that there is a formal proposal, while there is not, he must remain focused on Liga and motivated.”

Olé adds that Zambrano’s departure from LDU has been a rumour for the whole year, as the Ecuadorian side knew they’d soon lose him. Still, they’re now waiting for the official offers.

The youngster already has 45 appearances for the club, and was part of their Copa Sudamericana title campaign, although he was not used in the final against Fortaleza.

We’re still to see how much LDU are demanding for his sale, or even how much Luton Town would like to spend on his signing.

He’s currently valued by Transfermarkt at €1.5m, but the website usually has a low valuation of South Americans, with European clubs ending up paying more for those transfers.