At the end of the transfer window, German newspaper Bild made some rather lofty claims about Tottenham Hotspur and Max Meyer. Spurs were apparently so keen on signing the young Schalke player that they were ready to pay €45m.

Then it was quickly killed, with Bild saying Spurs in the end didn’t make an offer, and even if they had Schalke were set to turn it down. It was all very strange, like a story planted to make Schalke look big and strong in the face of English squillions.

Fast-forward to the here and now and SportBild magazine (different editorial, not quite as tabloid as Bild), and the interest is reported again.

Schalke’s problem is that Meyer’s contract ends in June 2018, and without a renewal it’s a risky business keeping him for much longer. Schalke could ‘earn a lot of money in the summer of 2017’ by selling Meyer, with Tottenham the only club mentioned.

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 17.35.07Let’s suppose this isn’t a hangover from the Bild claims, or take the leap to believe they had some basis. It’s not too surprising to think Mauricio Pochettino would like Meyer.

The 21 year old is flexible over various attacking positions and can fit in with several systems. With no renewal, Schalke can almost certainly forget about €45m next summer, and there may well be a bargain to be had.