Perhaps the biggest news in the transfer market today is that Aston Villa have reached an agreement with Chelsea for the transfer of Ian Maatsen.

Reports from the English press have been claiming that there’s an agreement been reached at £35m.

Now since Borussia Dortmund, who had him on loan this season, also have a chance to keep him, Sky Deutschland journalist Patrick Berger brings some information on that.

It’s first pointed out that the Bundesliga side are largely considered ‘out of the race’, especially because they can’t pay more than €25m for the transfer.

Dortmund even had a clause to buy Maatsen for €35m, but that expired on Monday. Now they have 48 hours to outbid Aston Villa.

Berger writes that the player’s wish was to stay at the German club, and even though that could give them a boost to keep him, they would still need to find an agreement with Chelsea.

That looks like Dortmund won’t be able to place the highest bid, and Aston Villa will surely have some tense hours as they wait to complete the deal.

Maatsen rejecting the move to Unai Emery’s side is perhaps the only way this collapses.