Chile manager Juan Antonio Pizzi isn’t thrilled with Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez, according to claims coming from the country.

Sanchez is the subject of a fresh transfer attempt from Manchester City, according to a circus developing on Tuesday. Some of the more dramatic claims say that would see Raheem Sterling used as part of the deal.

Perhaps talking the situation up slightly, Chile’s t13 say Sanchez ‘unleashed the fury’ of his manager when he asked for time away from the national squad to sort out ‘personal issues’.

That’s seen as Sanchez wanting time off away from the Chile squad to sort out an Arsenal exit, to Manchester City or anywhere else, and Pizzi isn’t too thrilled. Sanchez is said to have asked to be released for 24 hours from Wednesday afternoon, to do whatever it is he has planned.

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In theory that would give Sanchez the chance to have a medical ahead of a Manchester City transfer.

Pizzi doesn’t care about Sanchez leaving Arsenal, he has a World Cup to qualify for, and the manager is said to be irritated. Sanchez has already had special treatment from Chile in terms of joining later for the Confederations Cup, so he could have two more days of holiday.

Pep Guardiola and/or Manchester City may need to help Sanchez convince Pizzi, or the transfer could be difficult to complete even if Arsenal agree.