Barcelona have made it clear to Pierre Emerick Aubameyang he will need to halve his wages if he is to return from Chelsea in the summer.

That’s according to Sport, who say the striker is ‘insisting’ on a return to the Camp Nou and has even accepted he will have a ‘less prominent role’ at the club.

Barcelona, though, are only contemplating bringing the striker back on one condition, if he accepts reducing his wage by at least 50%.

The newspaper explains that Aubameyang is one of Barcelona’s possible targets for next season and are aware of the interest the forward has in returning to the club.

They’re under strict financial restraints, though, particularly with the salary limit placed on them by La Liga and have warned the Chelsea forward and his environment that he will need to make an ‘economic effort’ if any deal is to happen.

They are only contemplating a transfer if he arrives on a free from Chelsea or on loan with the option of a free transfer and Aubameyang reduces his wages by half. At the moment it appears the striker is willing to do that.

That’s because he is desperate to leave Chelsea and sacrifice the high wages that lured him there in the first place. Chelsea are also keen to get rid of him, ‘at all costs’, so they can remove his high wages off the books.

The Blues would, though, prefer some financial reimbursement for the player and there are clubs like Inter Milan who are willing to pay a ‘minimum transfer fee’.

Barcelona are also taking the option of signing him ‘very seriously’ as they need an alternative to Robert Lewandowski and believe their former forward could be a good option for a year, so long as he arrives on their terms.