When it was announced that Thiago Silva would be leaving Paris Saint-Germain, stories about a move to England were almost immediate.

Two clubs were being pushed in Everton and Chelsea, with the former of the two the easy move seeing as the Brazilian has already worked with Carlo Ancelotti in the past and done well under his tutelage.

As for the Stamford Bridge outfit, their name had long been linked with Silva, and there was never a better time for it to happen than now.

The Blues got their wish in the end, with the defender signing a short-term contract in London, allowing Frank Lampard to add some experience to his rejuvenated team.

Silva has since given an interview to France Football, where he talked about his choice to go to Chelsea.

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He said: “In truth, when I knew that it was over with PSG, I always hoped for something big. at first, we were scared that my age would be a hindrance and that boards had negative prejudices. It’s very hard to bounce back when you’re over 33-34, but I always wanted to believe in it.

“I prayed for God to find me a project that matched my ambitions. He heard me because Chelsea, that’s what’s best in England”.

While he was given the chance to stay in Paris after the Super 8, Silva rejected that offer, labelling Leonardo’s attempts to keep him as ‘clumsy’ and ‘rushed’, feeling he did the same with Edinson Cavani.

He added: “I’m only saying this to help the club progress and don’t make this kind of mistake in the future”.