It was a busy Sunday for Willian, who continues trying to explain the situation he’s been living in his final months of contract with Chelsea.

In the morning, ESPN Brasil reporter João Castelo Branco spotted an Instagram post from the player’s wife in which she was hinting the player could move to another London side.

In that video, she and their daughters were going to Chelsea’s game against Everton. She was saying their days ‘are numbered’ at the club, but ‘God is marvellous’ and ‘good things are on the way’.

She also kept asking her children if they like London, and that was taken as a sign that Willian could be leaving for Arsenal or Tottenham at the end of the season.

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Willian had a big part in the Blues’ 4-0 win over Everton, with one goal and one assist. After the game, he spoke to João Castelo Branco and tried to make things clear.

“Look, I always like to make it very clear the respect I have for this club, the affection I have for Chelsea too. Regardless of my situation, whether I’ll stay or not, one thing I can say: I’ll always try to do my best, give my best on the pitch for this team. There’s really no offer from any club. So I wanted to make this very clear, that I’m still a Chelsea player, and I’ll always try to do my best until the end of my contract. Whether I stay or not, we’ll see that in the future.

“We really like London, I’ve said this many times. It’s a city that my family and I love to live in, we love the city. We love the city and I really don’t know why she posted it. It really is because the situation of the contract here isn’t easy. But I hope that in the next few weeks or months this can be sorted. And then you’ll know if I’ll stay or not. But what I can say is that I’ll always try to do my best for the team.

“I still don’t know. There’s nothing with any team. There’s no offer from any team. My negotiation for now is with Chelsea. There’s still nothing concrete from any team. And the situation with Chelsea is still that way. Chelsea offered me two, I demanded three, and it stopped there. There’s nothing much.”