In case Chelsea are really interested in signing Gavi from Barcelona in the upcoming transfer windows, the Catalan media shares some interesting news on that situation.

Newspaper Sport has a story claiming that as the Camp Nou side need a big sale to revive their economic situation, they’re deciding who should go.

Gavi and Pedri are said to be in the front row, since they’re the two with the ‘most offers’.

Chelsea are one of the clubs said to be interested in Gavi, who’s expected to be worth over €100m in case of a sale.

Barcelona are obviously reluctant about losing their young stars, as they have huge importance in the team. So the whole situation is described as a big ‘taboo’ as the club’s board decides what to do.

Back in August, the very same Sport had already claimed that Chelsea, as well as Paris Saint Germain, were interested in Gavi’s signing.

It seems the talks didn’t go forward in the summer window, but the possibility may become real, depending on Barcelona’s decision.