You might be shocked, but Chelsea are taking an interest in a young player at another club.

It’s a model the Stamford Bridge side has followed for quite some time, bringing in talent from all over the world to either mould for their first-team or loan out to then sell for a profit, and Paris Saint-Germain’s Ismaël Gharbi is the latest to have caught their eye.

This comes from French journalist Fabrice Hawkins, who explain the Blues are following the player ‘closely’.

Not only that, but the Stamford Bridge side have shown the player an ‘interesting sporting project’, with another ‘big Premier League club’ also said to be interested.

These approaches have certainly caught the attention of the 17-year-old, who, for now, ‘gives priority’ to a future with Paris Saint-Germain.

However, these offers mean he will be ‘very attentive’ to how the Ligue 1 side treat him ‘over the coming months’, as any sign of them forgetting about him might just make him change his mind and turn his attention to Chelsea or another club in England.