Because it’s a day that ends in y, there is talk of someone at Chelsea being sent to Serie A, and today’s lucky winner of the lottery is Emerson Palmieri.

He’s quite fortunate, really, since he appears to emerge victorious a number of times every month, normally dispatched to either Juventus or Inter.

Thursday is no different, as Gazzetta dello Sport make it very clear that Antonio Conte wants a new left-back, and he wants one ‘fully-finished’, meaning one that doesn’t need any more development.

That’s where Palmieri comes in, having played under the Italian manager for six months at Stamford Bridge, where he isn’t a regular starter.

It’s explained Chelsea could ‘deprive themselves’ of the player since they are currently revamping the squad, but Roman Abramovich’s club ‘start from a request superior to €30m’.

Juventus are mentioned as competition for Inter, and it’s stated it isn’t a ‘very easy affair’, but it’s one that remains open and ‘preferred’ to the one leading to his teammate Marcos Alonso.

There’s still plenty of time for things to evolve, but that’s where the Serie A side currently stand in their hunt for reinforcements in defence.