Emilio Izaguirre has hit out at current club Motagua, revealing the lack of love after his time at Celtic is hurting him deeply.

Izaguirre started his career with Motagua, playing with the club for seven years between 2003-10 before making a move to Celtic in 2010.

He went on to become something of a cult figure with the Bhoys, making over 270 appearances for the Glasgow giants over two spells that saw him win the Scottish Premiership seven times as well as three Scottish cup wins and two League cup successes.

His time at Celtic was also sprinkled with personal success as he was named the SPFA Players Player of the Year, SFWA Footballer of the Year and Scottish Premier League Player of the Year in 2010-11.

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Numbers and achievements such as those mean he remains a firm fan favourite at the club, even though his second spell was nowhere as successful as the first.

Izaguirre returned to Montagua from Celtic in 2019 but his time at the club has been a disappointing one, with manager Diego Vázquez not a fan.

That is something the defender has now hit out at, stating it is harder for him after the affection he enjoyed in Scotland.

“I never felt well treated by him,” he told Diez.

“He had his people, okay, every coach is like that, and you understand it. I am a player who dedicates myself only to Motagua, and I have been part of its history.

“Celtic gave Motagua €2.2m, almost 50m lempiras for my signings. I am a self-made player.

“I have won 14 titles abroad, I have won the only international title with Montagua. I have played two World Cups, how are they going to lend me? I’m not an idiot.

“I tried to do everything positive, but many things that happened in Motagua began to hurt me because there are many injustices.

“The Atlas gave me the opportunity when I returned from Celtic, and I was happy with life, but now I think Diego is going to take it away from me.

“Sure (I would move abroad but) I wouldn’t want to because my children are happy with school here, but no prophet is a prophet of their land.

“This is something very painful because at Celtic, they did appreciate and value me.”