The Court of Arbitration for Sport have ruled against Watford in their ongoing fight against the Spanish side Cádiz over Momo Mbaye.

That’s according to Diario de Cádiz, who say the Spanish side have won the appeal and will now see a suspension lifted as a result.

For those that don’t remember, Cádiz were sanctioned last year after Watford filed a complaint regarding the defender’s move to the club.

The Hornets claimed the move in 2019 was illegal as they still owned the rights to the player and had the documents to prove it.

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This was contested by Cadiz and the player, with the latter insisting that he had never signed a deal with Watford and the signatures contained within any such document were falsified.

Cádiz were subsequently handed a transfer ban but appealed with CAS last year, and the court put that ban on hold as the issue was investigated.

It’s now been permanently removed after CAS sided with them against Watford, ruling that Mbaye’s transfer was legal and he is free to continue with the club.

The reasoning for their decision is not yet known, and we’re sure Cádiz won’t care either way, but Watford are sure to want to know what’s gone on and how they’ve seemingly been duped into thinking Mbaye belonged to them at some point.