Carlo Ancelotti, who departed Everton earlier this year, has appeared in court in defence of midfielder Allan in his legal battle with Napoli.

That’s according to Il Mattino, who say the Italian provided evidence via video call as he was called up as a witness by the Everton midfielder’s defence team.

For those that don’t know, Allan is being sued by the Italian club, who have named him as the instigator of a player revolt during Ancelotti’s time in charge. They also want to sue for insults reportedly aimed at vice-president Edo De Laurentiis, the son of the president.

They want to take as much as a month wages from him in damages, but Allan is disputing the case, as you might expect.

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Thus the affair is being settled in court in Naples, with Allan and several other witnesses being called to appear this week.

Il Mattino cover that today and say that Allan’s team, led by Roberto Ninno, called up six witnesses to defend the Everton man, including four of his former teammates.

They never appeared, but Ancelotti, alongside Napoli’s fitness coach at the time Carlo Guerra, did.

The newspaper explains that Allan’s defence rests on the fact that he was injured at the time of the mutiny, and so while he was called to be a part of the group going to a training camp, he was not eligible for it.

This is something Ancelotti confirmed for the court, also stating that while Allan had been against the decision of the club, he had not heard anything said to vice-president  Edo De Laurentiis.

This, though, was then disputed by witnesses called up by Napoli, who insisted they did hear the insults from the midfielder.

Il Mattino, then, say it is ‘difficult’ at this stage to see how the case will go, with Edo De Laurentiis’ testimony likely to be ‘decisive’.

Next week’s session will not lead to a decision, with a final one at the end of November likely to decide the Everton man’s fate.