On Monday, Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manhã claimed that manager Jorge Jesus would be travelling to London, where he would discuss some offers from the Premier League.

As the newspaper didn’t name the interested clubs, it seemed like just another rumour, so we let that one pass. However, the former Benfica and Sporting boss has now confirmed he has the chance to join the league.

And there’s a reasonable chance Cardiff City may be who he’s referring to.

Speaking to CMTV (via O Jogo) Jorge Jesus has given a few hints on the British club who have presented him an offer, although he made it clear he will still think about it.

“Fortunately I can choose. If I do not like what they present to me, I do not work. In England, I have the possibility of starting work already in May. I’m not going to say which team, they’re in a difficult position on the Premier League table and will possibly go down. I said I will think and I will, but it is not my priority.”

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“I don’t mind staying until January without working. In Arabia, they have already proposed to me to work, I will be calm and realise what can happen, but I have a feeling that I will work in a place where no one expects.”

The Premier League has been the most attractive destination in the world for both players and managers. With the likes of Nuno Espírito Santo and Marco Silva both doing well at their clubs, it would be a natural step for Jorge Jesus to do the same.

So by the way he talks about the risk of relegation, we can only guess that the club who want him are in big risk of playing the Championship next season.

The closest to it would be Cardiff City. We can’t rule them out just because Jesus says ‘England’, as the world football media often ignores that Cardiff is actually in Wales.