Juventus appear to be building themselves into believing Aston Villa will accept €30m plus Weston McKennie for Douglas Luiz, without any real indications that will be the case.

Corriere dello Sport cover the situation around the potential deal today after several reports made it clear a potential cash plus player transfer could be on the cards.

They explain that Juventus are looking to take advantage of the fact Aston Villa may need to secure a big sale before June 30th to help balance their books and be compliant with PSR regulations.

They’ve made Douglas Luiz a priority signing and they want to potentially take advantage of that PSR position Aston Villa find themselves in to get a potential deal.

They understand that Aston Villa won’t simply let the Brazilian, who has been a key player under Unai Emery, depart but are hoping that they can tempt them into a deal that suits the Italians more.

Luiz is valued at €60m but Juventus’ belief is that they can offer €30m plus Weston McKennie, who they would therefore seemingly value at €30m, and get a deal done that way.

According to Corriere, Aston Villa director of football Monchi would be willing to accept McKennie as part of the deal and ‘could say yes’ to such a deal. Juventus, though, would like to lower their demands further to make the deal even more appealing.

There also seems to be a major misunderstanding over the PSR issues, with this Juventus optimism coming from one report in England naming Aston Villa as potentially being in trouble.

Juventus, and Corriere, seem to have taken this as gospel and run with it, when in reality it’s actually not guaranteed that Aston Villa do need to sell. And, if they do, Luiz would be far down the list of players they’d want to move on.

Still, it seems the idea has taken hold in Italy for now, so expect more reports like this in the coming weeks as Juventus look to rebuild for Thiago Motta, albeit on the cheap.