It’s been nearly three months since Liverpool won the Club World Cup after beating Flamengo in the final, and the memories from that game are taken completely differently by each of the clubs.

While the Reds seem to have left it behind, especially in a season where they’re close to finally winning the Premier League, things are going the other way in Brazil.

Flamengo had won the league and Copa Libertadores before facing Liverpool, so being beaten by the English club has been a huge blow for them.

And as Jorge Jesus’ side continue to show great form in 2020, with 11 wins in 14 games, they still wonder if they could’ve won that match in Qatar.

Flamengo beat their Rio de Janeiro rivals Botafogo 3-0 at the weekend, and that was a reason for Fox Sports pundit Eugenio Leal to wonder if Liverpool would be capable of beating the Brazilian champs at the Maracanã Stadium.

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“Flamengo, with the main team, at Maracanã… Bring Liverpool! Let’s see what happens. Liverpool – who drew with Flamengo in the 90 minutes at the Club World Cup, won in overtime – if they play at Maracanã, the picture changes,” he said (via UOL).

“With Flamengo fans all over it, pressing, the team at ease at home. So, for any team in the world, playing with Flamengo at Maracanã is a trap.”

Many Flamengo fans are still proud that their team managed to play Liverpool as equals, only losing in extra time. However, others point out the Reds didn’t give 100% of their potential in that match, otherwise they could’ve won it easier.

With Flamengo being the favourites to win the Copa Libertadores once again and Liverpool still having a shot in the Champions League, perhaps they can have a rematch in December this year.