Liverpool and Manchester City players are obviously pretty anxious for the weekend, when they’ll have the chance to be decisive for a league title.

But people forget that their opponents are pretty excited with this opportunity as well. Wolves and Brighton will both be crucial for the league’s final stands, and are taking the last fixture with a lot of seriousness.

Brighton left-back Bernardo has been interviewed about it by Brazilian outlet Globo Esporte this Friday. He claims he trusts the Seagulls to make a big difference in the title race.

“We are not playing to benefit Liverpool and try to stop Man City’s title,” Bernardo told Globo Esporte. “Considering what the two teams have been doing, without losing points in the last rounds, it’s difficult for City to lose the title. But even with those stats, Brighton are a team that defend well, difficult to score goals against… I think Brighton might surprise.”

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“Let’s try to enjoy the moment, and our if victory indirectly helps Liverpool. For us what was important was the fight against relegation that we had been looking for in the last games. Now there’s no pressure at all, like against Arsenal, because we already knew Cardiff’s score. It doesn’t matter if it’s the title game. As always we will try to do our best and try to win.”

Signed on a €10m deal from RB Leipzig last summer, Bernardo has made 26 appearances in this first season at Brighton. Asked to evaluate his year at the club, he says he’s struggled a little in the beginning, but is now getting more comfortable.

“The negative really was my debut. I realised that I needed to change some things to adapt to English football. The time of adaptation was basically the ten games that I stayed on the bench. Then I took the status of starter, and what made my situation difficult was my injury. It’s a new league, the first time I play in a club which is not fighting on the upper part of the table. But the team was saved from relegation. I think the balance is positive.”