Spanish side Cadiz are hoping they can send Florin Andone back to Brighton in the January transfer window.

That’s according to La Voz Digital, who say his days at the club are ‘numbered’, and their move for him has ‘backfired’ spectacularly.

Andone joined Cadiz on loan in the summer when it was made clear he was not a part of Graham Potter’s plans for this season.

It’s his second loan spell since joining Brighton in 2018 and has gone as badly as the last one at Galatasaray did.

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Last week we covered how Andone could end up back on the South Coast in January, and La Voz pick up on that today.

They say his days in Spain are ‘numbered’, and the Romanian striker’s ‘lack of performance’ means Cadiz want rid if they can make it happen.

His performances have been marked by a ‘lack of adaptation and a lack of attitude’, both of which mean he has hardly picked up any minutes for the club this season.

Indeed, ‘the numbers don’t lie’, and every time the striker has been on the pitch, Cadiz have ended up beaten.

It is ‘more than evident’ that the move for the Brighton man has ‘backfired’, and his signing has been a ‘real disappointment’ for everyone involved.

Cadiz are ‘looking for a way out’ for the striker, but one of the big obstacles is his wages, which Cadiz are paying half of and are the highest in the squad.

He has suitors in the second division, and several have approached Cadiz, but his salary ‘prevents a clear agreement’ for now, and they need to find a club willing to pay an ‘important part’ of what he currently earns.

Whether they can remains to be seen, but what is clear is that there is ‘little more left’ for Andone at Cadiz, and his career slide since joining Brighton is not set to end any time soon.