Bayern Munich’s potential interest in Bart Verbruggen could be why Brighton and Hove Albion are showing interest in Colombian youngster Kevin Mier.

That’s according to Deportes RCN, who say Brighton’s apparently interest in the goalkeeper ‘makes more sense’ now that Bayern’s interest in Verbruggen has come to light.

SportBILD reported today that Verbruggen was on the list at Bayern Munich as they plan for a potential future without Manuel Neuer, whose contract expires next summer.

He’s currently 38-years-old and appears to be assessing a future away from the game, leading Bayern to analyse what they do next.

Verbruggen is one of the goalkeepers they are looking at, and indeed recently scouted him on international duty in the Netherlands clash with Germany.

At this point there is nothing concrete and he is simply an idea, but RCN believe that apparent interest helps to ‘make more sense’ of Brighton’s apparent desire to sign Mier.

A report yesterday indicated they had initiated contact for a deal and were willing to pay $10m for the player.

RCN believe such a deal would make sense if Verbruggen were to depart, as Brighton would be left with just Jason Steele and need an alternative.

The Seagulls, though, may need to pay more than they’ve anticipated, at least if a separate report from Antena 2+ is to be believed.

They cover information from Carlos Córdova, who explains that when the club recently signed Mier up to a deal until 2028, they made sure to protect themselves.

According to his information that deal includes ‘strong exit clauses’ for both the player and the club, with the latter setting a $13m asking price on the player to ward off suitors.

That would work out at around £10.29m for Brighton, so just over £3m more than they were willing to pay according to the initial reports. Given their recent record profits, we’re sure they could afford that.

Cruz Azul have certainly planned ahead either way and TV Azteca add that they’ve already lined up a replacement should Mier move on.

According to them the club are sounding out replacements already and Junior de Colombia goalkeeper Santiago Mele is currently at the top of their list.

They’ve not moved yet, and it all depends on Mier departing anyway, but plans are in place either way amid the reports of Brighton’s interest.