We see today a surprising interview from Brazilian striker Arthur Cabral where he responds to the rumours which link him to a transfer to Chelsea and Manchester United.

Speaking to Lance, the Basel star was directly quizzed about the chase from the Blues and the Red Devils, and claimed to be pretty calm regarding those stories about his future.

“As you said, there are, according to these things, some rumours emerging, right? But I am a very calm person in relation to this. I try to get away from these things a lot. I believe that a lot is simply a rumour. It’s because I already experienced it, right?,” Arthur Cabral told Lance (via UOL).

“I’ve experienced situations where, in newspapers and on social media, they are saying that I had signed with a club, and I was at home with my family looking and thinking ‘What do you mean?’. So, I leave this question of rumours of these clubs to one side. I have good agents, I have my father too and they work well in that regard. So, whatever is best will happen.”

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Now has Arthur Cabral ever been linked to Chelsea and Manchester United? Well, we couldn’t find a single story reporting these clubs’ interest in signing the Brazilian, neither in the South American nor in the European media.

The 23-year-old was reportedly a target for Leeds United, with a few stories last summer claiming Marcelo Bielsa’s side could make a bid for him, which apparently never really happened.

What we did find was another interview where Cabral talked about Chelsea and Manchester United.

That was in a chat last month with Vozao Online, and he claimed he’d seen the rumours on Whatsapp.

“I run away a little, but I talk about these matters. These things really don’t reach me very much. In a WhatsApp group, this news came, I don’t know who published it, that Manchester United were interested in me. A month ago there was news that Chelsea were interested. It’s something that I try to keep away from. I only think about my football. These things stay with my agents and I focus on the pitch,” he said back then (via Diario do Nordeste).

Either way, it doesn’t seem the type of player either side would be looking at these days, so we would take anything you see regarding this with a pinch of salt going forward.