A couple of months ago, the Brazilian media started saying that Manchester City are interested in Flamengo fullback Jorge.

We ended up finding out that it was nothing but a rumour created by teenagers on Twitter. But the local media called the player’s agent, who said he deserved to play for City, which brought even more attention to the fake story.

And the speculation didn’t die when it should have. The Brazilian media still claim that there were no offers, but haven’t forgot about the alleged interest.

In an interview today, reporters have asked Jorge about the possibility of leaving Flamengo next year so he could join Manchester City.

“I’m glad of the rumours, my name is out there, even more with them coming to my agent. This is proof that I am good here, that is to say that I am being watched by Europe. I’m glad. But today I only think of Flamengo. I’m ready if I get an offer, I’ll always be preparing. There’s nothing right for next year, just rumours of clubs keeping their eyes on me. Today, my heart is at Flamengo, I hope to play the Libertadores,” (via Terra).

The other question was if the player was waiting for Pep Guardiola to call him, just like he did with Gabriel Jesus before signing the striker.

“I’m watching (laughs). Of course Gabriel Jesus is very happy. He’s a boy who deserves so much. I’m his friend, he’s a guy who deserves this. I’m going to train a lot so maybe I can play with him one day, but today my thoughts are at Flamengo.”

Poor Jorge. Should we tell him the transfer stories were fake? Maybe not, let him dream.