Gabriel Jesus mania was growing in Brazil after his immediate success at Manchester City. With ESPN Brasil having Premier League rights in the country, they were pushing their product by talking about the player all the time.

It’s no different after the injury.

On Tuesday night, they invited one of the most famous sport doctors in Brazil to talk about the injury. Marco Aurelio Cunha, who now works in management roles for the Brazilian FA, used his knowledge to explain how the Manchester City player’s fracture can be treated and why it takes so much time to recover.

“These fractures are annoying. Because if they have a distance between the focus of the fracture and the rest of the bone, the healing ends up being hard.

“In order not put the healing in doubt, the operation is chosen so it can be done at once. It takes more time, but you have the guarantee of the result.”

“When you are just waiting with immobilisation, you run the risk of this fracture not healing by moving the focus of the fracture, and then having surgery as a second option.

“We’ve seen a lot of this in football. Correct options with bad results. And sometimes more drastic options with certain results. So the time for bone fracture is 45 days. If it is surgical, it may increase a little. But maybe in two or three months you already have the fracture healing and can return to work.”

These options were first reported by the former Brazilian player Denilson, who said on TV he’d received the information from sources close to the Manchester City striker.

The choice to go for surgery was later confirmed by Sport Witness’ sources, after the player having told family and friends he’ll be out for up to three months.