When Neymar left Barcelona for Paris Saint Germain, Brazilian journalist Marcelo Bechler was the first one to come up with the full information on the move.

Now it seems there’s a compatriot of his trying to break the news of a similar transfer, which would be Lionel Messi’s departure to the French side.

On his Youtube channel Pilhado, Brazilian journalist Thiago Asmar claims that sources close to Neymar have told him the Argentine star is on his way to PSG.

These people have claimed that in Whatsapp conversations, Lionel Messi told his former teammate that he’s leaving Barcelona for the Paris club in the summer.

It’s said the 33-year-old was initially keener on moving to Manchester City, but he changed his mind once Neymar started having regular conversations with him.

Thiago Asmar makes it clear the move isn’t guaranteed, as something ‘unreal’ could still happen, such as a heavy offer from Pep Guardiola’s side, but Messi’s intention now is to sign for PSG.

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What everyone is probably asking is who Thiago Asmar is and if he’s reliable.

The journalist used to be a reporter for Globo, the biggest TV network in Brazil, for many years. He was edged out last year after accusations of harassment, and other unsavoury incidents.

Since then, he created a channel on Youtube called Pilhado which already has 900k subscribers. His content is mostly made of opinion pieces and interviews with famous footballers.

As breaking news isn’t something usual on his channel, that’s a good reason why we must be careful before buying this story. However, as he seems quite friendly with all the players he interviews, that makes us believe he may have good sources.