With reports from Brazil claiming Bruno Guimarães is already having a medical ahead of his move to Newcastle United, it seems like a matter of time until the transfer is made official.

We now get to see a more complete story from Globo Esporte claiming there’s an entourage from the Premier League side in the city of Belo Horizonte, where the midfielder is concentrated with the national team.

They back-up that the player is having a medical and will soon sign a five-year contract with the Magpies, who are spending €52m on the deal, including commission, taxes and third party percentages.

What’s interesting in this piece is that according to Globo Esporte, Bruno Guimarães has long has the dream of playing in the Premier League and ‘got excited’ with the project offered by Newcastle United.

Even though the Magpies are currently fighting against relegation, it’s said there’s a promise for ‘heavy investment’ in the coming years.

The player is said to be ‘enchanted’ by English football, having also heard good recommendations from footballers who play there.

Globo Esporte points out he’s in a national team squad where there are ten players from the Premier League, so there were certainly a lot of people to speak to in the past few days.

It appears that he has, and encouragement from them, along with his English football dream, is building his excitement.

Of course, money plays a part, but even in Brazil, where they’re more open about simply saying players move for the cash, and see little shame in it, there’s insistence that’s not the only reason.