Back at the weekend, reports from the English media claimed that Liverpool could buy São Paulo defender Lucas Beraldo for a £19m fee.

It was said a Reds’ representative would fly to Brazil to watch the player from close and potentially submit such bid for the signing.

Journalist Jorge Nicola now shows up with a video about the Liverpool rumours, and spoke to a couple of sources about the situation.

He first claims to have talked to São Paulo president Julio Casares, who guarantees that nothing arrived from the Reds so far.

Nicola then spoke to someone from Beraldo’s entourage, who does not believe in a transfer that expensive, as that would be the biggest sale of a defender made by a Brazilian club.

The journalist claims he does reckon the centre-back will get sold in January, as São Paulo are in need of money, but agrees that the amount sounds too big.

Also regarding Liverpool and Beraldo, outlet Trivela today writes that people around the player claim there’s been no contact or meeting with Reds’ representatives so far.