Everton star Richarlison has hailed the club’s fans for helping to keep a ‘sense of togetherness and community’ in the team.

Richarlison has been a big fan favourite at Goodison Park since arriving from Watford in a £35.28m deal back in 2018.

A major part of his popularity has been his presence on social media, where the Brazilian forward is regularly seen conversing with Everton fans and, more often than not, responding to rival fans comments as well.

It means the 23-year-old is among the more popular members of the squad, a reputation that only continues to grow when Everton fans see his various efforts to help charities both in England and in his home country.

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Like many Premier League clubs, Everton try to engage their fans as much as possible, an effort that they have doubled down on during the last year of lockdowns and supporters being blocked from stadiums.

The increased contact is something Richarlison is a fan of; admitting interaction with Everton fans helps him and his teammates form a sense of togetherness in the squad.

“I’m lucky to have such a strong connection to my team and my teammates here at Everton. That bond is very important to me!” he told MKT Esportivo.

“When I arrived here in 2018, they helped me, and I felt at home immediately. Apart from them, the Everton fans are amazing too!

“The support they have given me on social media is incredible, and it really helps us to keep that sense of togetherness and community in the team.

“Here at Everton, we follow strict protocols and avoid unnecessary contact, which means not being able to interact with our fans in person.

“But despite the empty stadiums, we still feel their support around the world, and that means too much to us!

“That’s why I love connecting with them on social media. There are so many of them! From all over the world!

“I keep watching the videos and memes they send. They are so hilarious! I also keep saving pictures of people who copy Ronaldo’s haircut and send them to me! I did it in the summer too!”