Manchester United interim manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer appears to be cool and calm in the dugout and is hardly caught by cameras expressing his frustration.

Bournemouth striker Joshua King played under the Old Trafford favourite for United reserves and has compared the Red Devils current boss to Cherries manager Eddie Howe, when it comes to “putting people in place”.

“I think he’s a little different now, than he was with us younger boys. I’ve read that he can give the ‘hairdryer’, but I can’t remember getting it. It’s hard to imagine how he can get angry when you look at him,” King told Norway’s TV2

“At the same time, I think that when he loses it, he can really lose it. It’s a bit the same with Eddie Howe here in Bournemouth. When you watch him on TV, you think he can’t lose it. But he can put his foot down and put people in place.”

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Since replacing Jose Mourinho, Manchester United are unbeaten in 10 matches in all competitions played under the guidance of Solskjaer.

Against Leicester City on Sunday, Solskjaer’s men weren’t convincing, but they managed to walk away from the King Power Stadium with three points, courtesy of Marcus Rashford’s first half strike.

King believes it is a win-win situation for Solskjaer, irrespective of whether he lands the full-time job at Old Trafford.

“I really hope Solskjaer gets the job. I think it’s possible, so I hope for him and family’s sake that he gets it,” the Norway international said.

“It’s a good story and much like Fergie. Why change it and gamble on another coach? It’s not up to me to say, but I think it’s positive. I hope for his, and for Norway’s part, that he gets the job. Having a Norwegian coach at one of the world’s largest clubs … This is positive for the whole of Norway.

“He is a legend at the club already and loved by the fans.”

Things have probably been going too well for the manager to really lose his temper, but King seems sure the ability is there… waiting for the right moment.